my mom and i went to our church’s calvary to do the station of the cross prayer. it took us almost 2 hours to complete it. i found out that i am gasping for air since we were both wearing face masks at the time as a safety measure against covid.

when we were done and on our way home, my mom suddenly said that she wishes to go to the beach and have a summer vacation with the whole family. i felt sudden reluctance immediately at the thought.

first, i am not excited to be at the beach where there would be many people while the world is still battling this covid. second, the hole in our ozone layer has been reportedly getting bigger so i’m pretty sure it would be hot as hell when we go and thus sun burn. third, i want to wear sexy swimsuits now as i regret not being able to wear them when i was younger and have a fitter body. i am still not 100% confident with my body now, but i am fully aware that if not now, then when?

Update update: 한국어

어머~ Small progress but I am quite happy with how I am steadily 공부한다 (?) albeit slowly 한국어.

Memrise:  120/1,293 (0.09%) 21days streak
Yeolpumta: 7HR 26MINS / average: 20mins
Beelinguapp: Reading 새로운 집 (page 2)

I can read Hangul scripts a bit faster now but my brain gets tired easily from the effort. So when my mind starts to turn hazy I just find myself staring at the scripts absent-mindedly but my brain know that I know those characters so it starts to decipher it again which in turn tires me out more so I just put away the reading material by this time ㅎㅎ

I was able to quickly finish L1-4 of HTSK but when I got to L5 I was stumped. The count of grammatical rules that the Korean language has is no joke. I was challenged but at the same time, it weirdly excites me lol Still though, it was hard trying to remember them all. I mean I still gets confused sometimes with 은/는 and 을/를 

I really liked tracking my progress through Yeolpumta as seeing my day streak motivates me that despite I have days where I feel soooo not it, I still show up (got this from Atomic Habits by James Clear). And somehow, even a 5-minute Memrise helps me brush up my Korean.

I am still aiming to finish Unit 1 of HTSK though I am quite stretched for time now as I am just starting out L6 with less than 9 days left lololol Anyway, I will not be so hard on myself if ever I fell short of my goal. As I learned from my previous experience with my Japanese studies that being too strict or being a perfectionist is very derailing of my progress in the long run. (I still wish to pick up my Japanese language in the future though.)

So this is it for me, for now.
Have a good day everyone!

Product Review: #JaninaxNBS Gel Pens

I am a huuuuuge fan of stationary items even before I discovered bullet journals and planner designing. I have been collecting scented papers and colored pens since I was in elementary.

The stores that I frequent to whenever I go to the malls are the bookstores and craft stores. And I, almost all the time, never exit empty-handed. One of those impromptu trips got me these gel pens that Janina Vela collaborated with National Book Store (NBS). For those who do not know her, she is one of the famous Youtuber who tackles about topics related to beauty and fashion.

The #JaninaxNBS gel pens are very pleasing to the eyes which got my attention when I first saw them. The case of the pens are pastel in colors which are very trendy recently in the Philippines.

There are motivational phrases and Janina’s name on one end of the pens.

In terms of its ink quality, the gel pens have a vibrant and neon-like (especially the lighter colors light green and yellow) colors. The ink is continuous and you will have a smooth writing experience with it.

I usually use these #JaninaxNBS gel pens in decorating my planners and whenever there are stuffs that I want to highlight in them.

For an affordable price of P155 for a set, I’d say this was a good buy already.

Thank you for reading until the end. Do you also fancy stationary stuffs? ‘Till next time! 🙂

Disclaimer: I am not paid or compensated to write this review. All opinions expressed in this post are my own. All items featured in this post are purchased through by my brother’s own means.

Product Review: BYS Peach Eyeshadow Palette

The Peach Eyeshadow Palette of BYS consists of 12 shades with the textures a mixture of metallic and matte eyeshadows.

It has a very good pigmentation and minimal product fallout. The matte though could take a little bit of your time blending it in. The lightest shade, Dainty, is a bit chalky and has a lot of fallout though from the rest of the palette. My fave shades so far are the Lavish and Cheeky. Add them up with Peachy and you could very well have your own sunset tones already.

All shades are long lasting and stays all throughout the day.

As the palette is encased in a tin case with a sturdy lock, it is very easy to just put it in your travel bag and help you create different looks. This palette reminds me of Too Faced Sweet Peach Palette, but on a very affordable cost and accessible stores. I am very happy with this palette and could see myself using it till it hit the pan 🥰

It was a pleasure meeting you.

The year 2020 is full of surprises – most of which are news of tragedies. We had the Taal Volcano eruption, the COVID-19, Typhoon Rolly, and Typhoon Ulysses just to name a few. The incidents I have cited are those that directly affected me for the year. I thought it will only be about these natural disasters, but I thought wrong.

December 10, 2020 at 10:26am when Rj, my boyfriend, got an urgent call from Mervyn, one of his close friends, while we were on an ongoing call at that time. One of their close friends, whom we tenderly calls our “Master”, has unfortunately died because of a vehicular accident.

I have came to know Master through one of my friends, Tammy, because we were playing Call of Duty: Mobile while the Philippines was under the lockdown because of COVID. It was April 30 when she invited him to one of our games with Fenella and since then, every night we would be playing until the early dawn. We would not stop not until we were the winning team in the Battle Royale mode and we even have a dedicated victory song of “You’re Still the One” by Shania Twain.

April 30 until (maybe) last week of June, we were playing every single night. We even formed a group name called “Loot-loot and Friends” since what we usually do, it’s 90% us girls only though lol, is to loot in-game items only. Killing and strategy tactics, we leave it up to Master. He’s our leader since he’s a really good player 🙂

Our first ever victory match with our master.

Soon afterwards, Master invited Rj – who then became my boyfriend, and we were still playing every nigh. The 3 of us “ghorlz” usually grind the Multiplayer Ranked Mode while Master and Rj were on Battle Royale. We had a lot of unforgettable moments while playing as can be seen below. Not only did we played, chatted, and exchanged funny jokes, we also did a virtual e-numan session and it was there we discussed slightly serious topics. Those were fun times and remembering them all right now gives me a bittersweet feeling.

Master and Rj also invited Mervyn to play CODM. We became friends not only in-game, but also in our social media world. Soon afterwards, on October 26, the “bHoyz” finally visited us here in Cavite. The status of us all being friends were finally formalized as we have a personal interaction now.

I am very lucky have met someone like you in this lifetime. Thank you for all of the happy memories you’ve shared and the fun times we’ve had. May you have a peaceful rest now.

.Swaggy-P / Papa P / ClassicJoey / PaulTheWineGuy / PaPaPi. / Loot°Kale / Loot°Saba / Loot°Maui

Tito bHoy.


Pol Perez.

Android ghorlz and bHoyz

You have a new friend request on Facebook!

Recently, a former classmate/friend has added me on Facebook. He was my first seatmate in the classroom before our teacher has decided to arrange us according to our family names. During those few months that we were seated next to each other, we would always chat all the time. We were good friends. Unbeknown to me during those times, I had this weird habit of leaning to the person closest to me whenever I laugh heartily. And I only came to know about it, and corrected myself, when another good girl friend told me so. And not in the way that I expected it.

A little bit of background first: This friend of mine was very opinionated and expressive of her thoughts. She was also very good at using words that make me drawn listening to her whenever she spoke in recitations. She was a writer and a damn good one at it. We also had another girl classmate with whom we were good friends. The three of us were always together even during lunch breaks and were so comfortable with each other that we were inseparable.

There was this one time where we were given activity in class to write our own composition for our English literature subject. I have always loved reading ever since I read the book “Babe: The Gallant Pig” by Dick King-Smith that my aunt has gifted me. But reading and able to write something worth reading are two different things, nonetheless, I do not back down that easily when faced with obstacles.

This girl friend of mine shone undisputedly bright in this activity and her piece was generously awarded high grades. Our teacher even submitted it to the school’s official paper to be published as it definitely needed recognition. The piece she wrote was about a girl who was longing for a guy who was close to the girl’s best friend. While she was reading it out loud in class, she kept shooting glances at me. I remember smiling all the time she was presenting as I am very proud of her talent. After our classes on that day, she handed me a folded piece of paper. We used to exchange handwritten letters and was very open to each other.

The content of the letter has taken me by surprise. She wrote in it that she has taken a liking to one of our classmates which is none other than my guy seatmate. She wrote how she struggled with her self against jealousy towards me and how she hated seeing the two of us unmistakably close. She especially loathed how I leaned my body towards the guy she likes whenever I laughed. And, that’s how I came to know about that weird habit of mine. The end – not.

It was so long ago that I cannot remember every detail of what she has written but I can still remember that our friendship was never the same after that. I started veering away from my guy seatmate after that, but I still talk to him as we were friends too. I tried hard in correcting myself whenever I laugh heartily so that I do not unconsciously (and innocently) lean on anyone. I tried terribly hard to understand her and even thought of cutting off my friendship with the guy, but I felt that would be very childish of me and unfair to my other friend who totally has NO idea at all about the situation.

                In the next school year, we were all placed in different sections, so we were not classmates anymore. What I thought was supposedly a solid friendship was easily broken. Oh, we still did small talks whenever we meet the year after that, but it was never the same. There was this awkward air that we can’t seem to get rid of. I am just very disappointed with how she thought badly of me as she had written in her letter and it saddened me to learn that she had little faith in our friendship.

Product Review: MAC Cosmetics Lipstick x Patrick Starrr

Ever since I discovered my older sister’s liptint, I fell totally in love with it! It was the reason why I never really gotten around into using lipsticks. I tried it before but the feeling of lipstick💄on my lips just feels very weird and heavy and tacky.It is very safe to assume that I have zero lipstick in my possession. But it all changed when my brother has thought of the brilliant idea of gifting me one 😅

Price: Given as a gift. Must range from ₱700 – ₱1000
Where to get: MAC Physical Stores


Mac Cosmetics Patrick Starrr

MAC Cosmetics is known for its collaborations with famous people. The product that I will be reviewing is their collaboration with Patrick Starrr, a famous Filipino-American makeup artist based in the US.

The color theme of Patrick Starrr’s collection with MAC Cosmetics last year is holiday red. My brother got me the shade Spank Me Santa which is close to brick brown color. He said its because he noticed that all my colors are either red or pink only. To be honest, I don’t think I look good with any other colors which is why I rarely veer away from reds or pinks.

However, my brother thoughtfully gifted me this so I’m very grateful to him ♥

Mac Cosmetics Patrick Starrr

The signature of Patrick Starrr has been included in their packaging of the lipstick.

Pretty simple but the ambiance it gives off when you have it on your hand is quite enriching actually. It gives off the vibes of being high quality with just the packaging.


Mac Cosmetics Patrick Starrr

I just did one swipe but the color pigmentation is rich already! It feels moisturizing and non-drying on the lips so I feel really comfortable wearing it. It also does not feel sticky or heavy at all 👍

Mac Cosmetics Patrick Starrr

I did a swatch comparison between straight from the tube application vs with foundation on. The upper part is the one without foundation. If you will observe it closely, my skin lines is very visible on the upper portion. But, of course, with foundation it fiiled up those tiny lines giving it a smoother application. But color-wise, it has no difference and stayed true to its color.

Mac Cosmetics Patrick Starrr

This lipstick is good on me for 4-5 hours. It is water-proof and transfer-proof but since I do not care about my lips while dining, I usually apply after meals. Not a worry since I want to build a habit of retouching my sunscreen every after lunch. So it’s not a hassle for me to touch up on my lip makeup ☺

Patrick Starrr MAC Cosmetics

Indoor Lighting

Patrick Starrr Mac Cosmetics

Outdoor Lighting

What I LIKE:
• Highly pigmented
• Non-drying and non-sticky
• Lightweight on lips

• Limited physical stores of MAC Cosmetics in South Luzon

Packaging – ★★★★☆
Effectivity – ★★★★☆
Ease of Use – ★★★★☆
Overall – ★★★★☆


Probably! 🤔 This lipstick made me change my mind about lipsticks being all tacky and hard to apply. But this Patrick Starrr’s lipstick totally changed my perspective about lipstick application in general. I will absolutely venture more about this particular lip makeup 💋

Thanks for reading,
Nyx 😘

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Disclaimer: I am not paid or compensated to write this review. All opinions expressed in this post are my own. All items featured in this post are purchased through by my brother’s own means.

Product Review: The Saem Iceland Hydrating Soothing Gel

Thank heavens summer finally ended! Can’t bear that the heat index increase year on year. Really hope that people turn their attention more towards sustainable living from now on.

How did you beat the summer heat this year? Me, well, I got a little help from The Saem’s Iceland Hydrating Soothing Gel.

Price: Free c/o Althea Korea
Where to get: Althea Korea

The Saem Iceland Hydrating Soothing Gel


It is shaped like an iceberg floating above the frozen water. Totally unique and eye catching! It is also blue in color which is very cool to the eyes 💙

The multi-soothing gel provides moisture to skin with its ingredient of 98% mineral water while providing a cool, refreshing finish to skin.

The Saem Iceland Hydrating Soothing Gel


The Saem Iceland Hydrating Soothing Gel really provides a cooling sensation which is very noticeable during the summer season. My skin always feels refreshed whenever I use this ✨

What I LIKE:
• Unique packaging
• Gel form
• Provides instant relief from extreme heat when used

• Strong scent of alcohol

Packaging – ★★★★☆
Effectivity – ★★★☆☆
Ease of Use – ★★★★☆
Overall – ★★★★☆

REPURCHASE? No. Though it helped in cooling down my skin from the intense summer heat, I think the same sensation can be achieved from using a facial spray. As for its moisturizer function there’s barely an improvement. Though it’s good that I did not break out from this. It really has a good scent. Though I can smell the alcohol on it.

Thanks for reading,
Nyx 😘
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[Althea Korea has kindly provided the product for review.]

Disclaimer: I am not paid or compensated to write this review. All opinions expressed in this post are my own.

Product Review: It’s Skin Power 10 Formula VC Effector

Today I will be reviewing the It’s Skin Power 10 Formula VC Effector. It is a Korean product and the best seller among its variants.

Just to give you an idea of what is my current skin condition:

  • have inflammatory papules
  • lots of acne marks ☹️
  • have dark spots

It’s Skin is a Korean product that I discovered on an online site called Althea Korea. There are many variants to choose from but I am looking for an item that will greatly reduce the appearance of my acne marks.

PRICE: ₱315/30ml

WHERE TO GET IT: Althea Korea


It’s Skin Power 10 Formula VC Effector has no box but used plastic as a wrapper for the item. They put a sticker on the back part of the plastic to indicate the description, ingredients, and I’m guessing the instructions of usage also. It was mostly in Korean so I cannot understand it.

It's Skin Power 10 Formula VC Effector

It's Skin Power 10 Formula VC Effector

The product comes in a 30ml glass bottle with a dropper. The bottle is colored yellow that got me thinking that it is the serum but discovered that it’s just the bottle’s color. The serum is actually off-white in color.

It's Skin VC Effector

The back portion of the bottle has Korean writings which, again, I cannot comprehend. One thing to note here is the PAO symbol that they included. Do not use a product for a long time that you do not know when the expiration is.

It's Skin Power 10 Formula VC Effector

It is to be noted also that there are lines for measuring the amount of product left in your bottle. I used these lines to measure how much I consume for a week

The consistency is slightly thick but I have no problem with massaging it onto my skin. It has a nice citrus smell that I really love 😍 I sometimes open it just to take a whiff of its scent🤣


Its Skin VC Effector Review

I applied 2 drops of the VC Effector behind my ear to do a patch test. After 72 hours, I see no irritation and/or bumps in the area.

It's Skin VC Effector
BEFORE picture – dull skin with acne, lots of acne marks and dark spots

After doing the test, I applied it to my whole face already. The next morning, I immediately noticed that my skin got brighter as if I just exfoliated it. The acne are still there and I see no changes in their progression but thankfully they did not worsen (or worst, multiply).

It's Skin VC Effector

On the 3rd day – acne has dried up, reduced appearance of acne marks and dark spots + brighter skin tone

It's Skin VC Review
After 2 weeks – greatly reduced appearance of acne, acne marks and dark spots + bright skin tone

I stopped using the VC Effector on the 4th week already as I see no improvement already in my skin condition and there were several acne that developed in new parts of my face. I guess this is what you call “purging” stage. So I just stopped using it altogether immediately. Thanks to It’s Skin Power 10 VC Effector my skin has whitened and looked healthier. It did help in lightening some of my acne marks and dark spots but was not able to fully heal my face since it went purging.

What I LIKE:

  • It showed noticeable result after one use.
  • Affordable.
  • The pleasant citrus scent.
  • Gentle on the skin.
  • Very mild on the skin.


  • Slightly hard to get – good thing there’s Althea Korea to supply my Korean arte needs
  • Not for long term use. I guess my skin has developed immunity against its ingredients so it does not work for me on the 4th week already.

Disclaimer: I am not paid or compensated to write this review. All opinions expressed in this post are my own. All items featured in this post are purchased through my own means.

Thanks for reading,
Nyx 😘
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Product Review: Solstice Age Defense Sunscreen Face Cream

Solstice Age Defense Sunscreen

Brand Name: Solstice

Product Name: Age Defense Sunscreen Face Cream

Description: Beyond protection, this sunscreen redefines suncare. Infused with hyrdolized collagen, its light-weight innovative formula defends from UVA, UVB rays, and the ravages of aging.

Claims: A multi-benefit formula that acts as a lotion and sunscreen to help prevent the signs of early skin aging

Price: P89

Where To Get: Watsons, and SM BeautyStores

How To Use:

Apply liberally to all exposed areas 15 to 20 minutes before sun exposure, after swimming, excessive perspiration, towelling or prolonged sun exposure.


Age Defense Sunscreen Face Cream comes in a tube with a yellow color.

Solstice Age Defense Sunscreen

I really like how it comes with a pump so dispensing the product is not messy! It has a plastic cap to keep the opening of the tube clean. However, it keeps falling off when i just stash it inside my purse and not in a makeup pouch.


Solstice Age Defense Sunscreen

Solstice Age Defense Sunscreen

Effectivity: At first impression, the cream seems very thick and looked like it will clog my pores. Upon application, I found it very easy to blend into the skin and dries to a matte-finish. Since it is a non-greasy formula, it is not sticky at all in comparison with other sunscreen products! The cream is completely lightweight on skin and provides moisture already. This product did not break me out, and helped me avoid getting sunburns especially whenever we do field works. This also did not coagulated even though I am all sweaty ❤

Solstice Age Defense Sunscreen


  • Easily blends into the skin
  • Lightweight
  • Good packaging design. Maybe the cap can be a twisted instead of push-lock method?
  • Dries matte


  • Cap easily falls off when its just inside the bag; needs to be put in smaller pouch


Price – ★★★★☆

Packaging – ★★★★☆

Effectivity – ★★★★☆

Ease of Use – ★★★★★

Overall – ★★★★☆

REPURCHASE? Yes! Ever heard of “love at first use”? Me neither. But I discovered it with Solstice Age Defense Sunscreen. From the very handy size of 50ml which is very travel-friendly to its pump packaging down to the very product itself which is very lightweight and effective on my skin.

Thanks for reading,
Nyx 😘

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Disclaimer: I am not paid or compensated to write this review. All opinions expressed in this post are my own. All items featured in this post are purchased through my own means.